Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy the serving boards online?
No, the products are not for sale online. You can check to see if any of the stores currently have them online.

What is the price of the board?
The price depends on the design and the size. Prices start from approximately €250.

Can I have a specific design made? Or can I order a plate from the portfolio collection?
No, you cannot have a custom design made. Ben mainly works with recycled wood. He does not accept commissions for specific designs, allowing his artistic intuition and the available reclaimed wood to guide the process.

What is the size of the board?
Each design has its own dimensions. But in general, Ben designs products with a size of 28x40 cm and a thickness of 16 mm.

Can I use the board as a cutting board?
This is of course possible, but not recommended if you want to prevent damage. Wood is a natural material so the knife edges are always visible.

How can I best maintain the board?
Wood is a natural material. Use a cloth with only water and mild soap if you want to clean the board. The board is oiled. Use a transparent natural oil for wood if you want to re-oil the product.

Will more stores be added to the list?
Ben is always open to new opportunities to sell his products. However, he selects his points of sale carefully.

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